Sunday, October 18, 2009

More On Monster Energy Drink Fighting With Small Business

The people at monster energy drink are trying to destroy a small craft brewery in Vermont by claiming that their beer, the Vermonster is an infringement on the copyright of the Hansen beverage company who owns Monster energy drink. They site the fact that someday they may want to go into the beer industry and this would cause confusion amongst consumers.
Pretty much anybody who looks at this situation realizes how foolish it is, but the reality is that the big corporation that owns monster energy can spend all their money to run down the small craft beer brewer in Vermont. That is really sad.

Monster Energy Drink Scam

There is a new problem on the horizon and is has to do with the monster energy drink scam where the folks at monster want to run a small craft beer brewer out of business for trademark infringment. The truth is, however, that the small time beer brewer has nothing to do with mixing it up with the monster energy folks. They are just playing mean and we are not in favor of that,
we are urging all of your to boycott monster energydrinks now!